Fruits and vegetables: a changing retail landscape

Agrilinkage discusses the impact of quality standards on the fruit and vegetable sector.

Retailers reinforce their fruit and vegetables offers to increase their performance, enhance customers’ experience and stand out among the competition. In many regions, such purposes lead to a higher demand for high quality fresh products, for which customers are willing to pay more. In other regions, the price of fresh products plays a more important role in the purchasing decision.

In recent years, some farmers have commercialized the concept of “nutraceuticals”. Fruits or vegetables for example, grown in respect of the land and the consumer. Naturally producing quality food has an impact on health, but also an impact on employment, landscapes, food security, energy autonomy, hunger in southern countries, global warming and the well-being of those around us.

All this compounds the demand along the entire supply chain, forcing retailers to commit themselves more intensely to traceability and environmental awareness.

The fact that fruit and vegetables play a decisive role in retail trade does not surprise anyone in the sector. What is not so visible is the speed at which the fresh market changes, customers expect that each local market has good quality fruit and vegetables. Food retailers try to offer fresh products to gain market share, but that is increasingly difficult.

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