AgriLinkage Commodities is a trader in the physical commodity market focused on international trade.

We are an independant brokerage house that specializes in Risk Management, International Physical Commodities Trading, Insurance  and Trade Finance.

Our commitment is to originate high quality agricultural commodities at competitive prices throughout the Mediterranean region, North America and South America, where we have developed long-term relationships with farmers, cooperatives, grain elevators, and processing plants, and trading them to the major demand markets around the world. Our products include Fruits, Nuts, Grains, Vegetables, Pulses, Spices, Vegetable oils and Fats.

We are a a group of young  entrepreneurs  with a passion for international market development. Our passion for market development and our industry knowledge have allowed us to offer innovative solutions to our customers and suppliers. Here at AgriLinkage we only use acceptable International rules of trade based on proper and safe trade procedures, following strict agency guidelines. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop, promote and facilitate exports of agricultural commodities through the development of strategic and durable trade partnerships.

Our Core Values:

Trust, Integrity and Fairness are the core values of our organization. We want to cultivate a solid partnership based on mutual trust and mature trading. At Agrilinkage we believe in a collaborative management approach that provides full customer satisfaction by way of delivering quality agricultural products. This creates a win/win for everyone.