Market Research

Day by day, information gains greater value in the decision-making of companies, institutions, the public sector, the private sector, for consumers and naturally, for the entire agricultural value chain. Information must therefore be updated, real-time, reliable and accurate.

Not having accurate, objectively obtained and regularly updated information, means running the risk of not knowing the social, economic, political, cultural and technological environment in which the company develops its activity.

We conduct a robust market analysis to assess demand for specific products, identify the markets with the biggest opportunities and measure regulations that must be met to ensure safety, quality, and conformity.

Finding out what products the market demand

  • Product specifications – varieties, colour, size, grade, quality, and packaging,
  • Prices – price patterns, price variations according to the season, quality and supply,
  • Supply – volumes, competing suppliers and seasonality.
  • Preferences of customers and consumers.

Why is Market Analysis Important?

  • Grasp the main trends in global trade
  • Export procedures and documents
  • Develop an export strategy
  • Find new market opportunities
  • Prepare negotiations
  • Diversify export portfolio